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Written translations.

Today we are pleased to offer high quality services of written translations, both ordinary and certified by sworn translators. We are ready to perform translations of any complexity. In addition, you can easily order the correction already previously translated texts. It will provide an opportunity to obtain not only the correct translation, but will be the key to the effectiveness of the translated text. For the publication of the new text in printed form, or publish it on the website, our skilled designers can quickly and efficiently prepare and adapt your text for a short time.

Why today many people choose us?

* Today we actively cooperate with a huge number of professional translators and other professionals from the field of linguistics, not only in our country but around the world.

* We are ready to provide the shortest lead time for all orders as they are executed at an accelerated pace.

* Our team strictly complies with all principles of confidentiality in respect of all executed orders.

* In our work we use CAT tools, which allow you to make high-quality and as close to the original translations.

* We offer only high-quality services and conscientious execution of orders and high level of professionalism.

DTP and localization.

Desktop Publishing or DTP is translated as a desktop publishing system. It includes all the processes that can be associated with the preparation of the text for further publication in printed media or the Internet, as well as converting non-editable texts into editable. This adjustment will significantly speed up the transfer and give the opportunity to easily upgrade such texts in the future. Our company is ready to do for you the translation of various graphic documents, such as catalogs, instructions, brochures or manuals in many languages. We will prepare a quality document layout, which after translation will be the closest to the original.

Introduction to international markets requires a localization of products, that is, to adapt the translated texts, taking into account all the cultural or normative aspects, but also according to the requirements of the target market. In addition, in this issue we are ready to offer complex solutions starting from translation, technical processing, testing, applications to interactive support and preparation of texts for printing or publication. Today localization is a method of introducing products, which are necessary for the audience of the country.

For effective work we have collected in his team only the best experts in various fields of linguistics, which may equally well lead, as texts in business language and complex technical projects requiring deep knowledge in the language. We are ready to work with virtually any types of documents that were created in various graphics applications, and in different languages. In our work we use only the new graphics program, and always keep a large

orders, while maintaining the high quality of the text. Today, our company is glad to offer you the widest range of services.

The development of extensive translation projects.

For the effective implementation of major projects, we assemble an experienced team, which will consist of the head, translators, and proofreaders and other professionals. The performance of extensive orders in our company is a standardized and professional.

Even if you need a variety of services, such as image processing and transfer, you will stay in touch with one coordinator who will provide quality work of the entire team, and the project will be completed in a timely manner.

Subjects of translations.

Our translation Agency are ready to undertake the processing of any texts at no extra charge as we believe that any such work should be done not just efficiently, but also remain affordable, especially projects which require profound knowledge in any of the areas. High-quality processing of specific texts no extra payment will be made with the involvement of the different translators, editors and proofreaders of our Agency that are not just "excellent" command of the language, but also have good experience in such work.

Today we are ready to translate texts and documents of any complexity from a variety of fields, such as, for example, law or medicine, engineering and automotive, logistics and tourism, banking and Finance, advertising and marketing, real estate and information technology, cosmetology and cosmetics, construction and agriculture, energy and telecommunications, and so on.

Translation of the web site.

Our Agency is ready to provide quality services for translation and localization of various home pages – that is web sites that begin with www. Project managers of our company will find for you the most optimal solutions for translation and localization quality, which will be necessary for home pages.

What is a translation and localization?

This service includes translation of all the information the home page is in a foreign language, keeping the design and structure of the website. If you need localization, it will be based on all requirements as well as local features of a particular region.

Important points when translating websites.

First you need to determine whether at the moment the so-called "archive files" that are stored in text format, all available on the home page information. About the location of these files can be obtained from the staff that created or serving the site. Also, you need to find out and provide the project Manager the purpose of the translation home page, all facilities and support materials website.

In addition, it is very important to stay in touch with the project Manager, since many factors will directly depend on various technical nuances of the structure of the site, as well as the quality of communication in the order fulfillment process.

How to start a translation?

First, you need to make an analysis of all information, texts, available data, and files, and structure of the home page. It is important to make a study and determination of the priorities and needs of the client, and calculate approximate costs, which will depend on the complexity of the text and terms of the order.

Basic methods of translation.

1. The translation homepage using the available backup files.

Advantages of this method can be called efficiency, more comprehensive information and accuracy and ease of placement. If to speak about the faults, when a complex page format can cause problems with editing or formatting.

2. Translation of hand-copying text.

This method is best for websites with a simple structure and simple formatting. However, a disadvantage of such a method can be considered the fact that when working with text editors some of the information may be lost. Also, this method will not be very efficient in processing complex structure of the sites, which represent directories or online stores.

3. Processing in interactive mode.

The texts which are translated thus instantly displayed on the home page, made possible through the use of various innovative programs and applications. The advantages of this method include some nuances, for example: there is no need to re-insert the processed texts on the website, since it is automatic, as our experts will work online. In addition, a ready translated documents and texts will not need to forward.

The disadvantage of this method is the impossibility, in some cases, produce it for technical reasons, since the parameters or the format of certain resources is not synchronized with a particular program.

If in the process of translation it still needs localization, then it must be implemented together with the translation, regardless of the chosen method of text processing.

Program translation memory CAT.

1. What are the programs for translation of SAT?

Even given the fact that modern computers are becoming more powerful, they still can not compete with a man by the quality of the translation. Recently we have made available many useful programs for efficient translation which are needed in order to completely replace the regular translators to improve the speed and quality of processing of texts.

2. When you can use the software to transfer or SAT?

To date, the programs and tools of SAT used in the most various projects of translation of texts or documents. These programs are necessary to:

* Collecting complete and accurate information to the client, terminology, and concepts that are used in certain companies for each project;

* Qualitative accumulation of repetitions that can be replaced by suitable terms;

* Save time and costs that are required for efficient translation of the text.

Sometimes tool the SAT cannot be used for translations, for example:

* When translating handwritten text;

* In cases where application for transfer is not compatible with the format or structure of the source text or document;

* In cases where the source text is difficult to read – scanned documents in PDF format.

3. How to calculate the cost of translation and also proof reading if you use SAT?